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Brian Scullin, Chairman

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Brian Scullin, Chairman

Brian’s early career was working for the Australian Government. His executive career in superannuation and financial services between 1987 and 2002 saw him appointed inaugural Executive Director of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

In September 1993 Brian was appointed Vice President, Business Strategy, Bankers Trust Australia Limited and subsequently Executive Vice President, Funds Management. This role involved responsibility for all non-investment functions including legal, compliance, operations, technology, marketing and human resources.

From November 1997 Brian was promoted to President, Japan Bankers Trust Company Limited and following a takeover by Deutsche Bank in 1999, Brian was made Regional Head of Asia/Pacific, Deutsche Asset Management.

Brian retired from fulltime employment in 2002 and since then has held a number of non-executive and industry positions including Chair of Spark Infrastructure and President of the Retirement Benefits Fund in Tasmania.

Currently, he is a Director of OAK Possability, a not-for-profit provider of services in the disability sector, Chair of FuneralVest, Chair of Hastings Funds Management, Director of Tasplan Super Fund and Chair of the Tasmanian Development Board.

Brian Scullin, Chairman


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