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Mary Massina, CEO

An influential and experienced business lobbyist, Mary Massina has carved out a unique career across the public, private and community sectors, as well as within the political sphere. With a deep understanding of state and federal politics, and a rare ability to develop and deliver practical policy, Mary has driven reforms which lead the nation.

Mary has spearheaded some of Tasmania’s most successful campaigns – driving reform in planning, taxation, health, disability care and infrastructure funding. Mary has developed and implemented ground-breaking policies, has successfully managed change within large and small teams, has provided strategic advice to governments and politicians, and has gained the personal and professional respect of her colleagues at both the local and national levels.

A powerful public speaker and widely-respected media commentator, Mary sits on many boards and taskgroups. A committed relationship builder, Mary has a rare ability to mesh policy and politics to deliver measurable results. Mary was appointed interim CEO in January 2017, and made permanent in July that year.

Mary Massina, CEO


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