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Mac Point – Mona collaboration

November 22, 2015

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation (corporation) and Mona have entered into an exciting collaboration that will see the two entities working together to plan for and deliver a novel and unconventional solution to development of the public open spaces at Macquarie Point.

The corporation sees the collaboration as an incredible opportunity for Hobart and, indeed, Tasmania. With almost 40 per cent of the Macquarie Point site being open space, there is a real possibility of offering locals and visitors alike an alternative experience of what the ‘public realm’ can be.

Following the success of Dark Park as part of Dark Mofo in June this year, the parties have agreed to work together to explore other opportunities to contribute to the public’s future experience of Macquarie Point.

Mona will work in partnership with the corporation to explore novel approaches to the public realm, and have signed a statement of intent to that effect.

The collaboration will focus on Macquarie Point’s public open spaces, which include the Goods Shed Park and Plaza, and the former cold store site, which will act as Macquarie Point’s main point of entry.

The full statement of intent can be read here.


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