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Groundwater drilling at Macquarie Point

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Groundwater drilling at Macquarie Point

November 9, 2015

Bore holes will be drilled through the road surface of Evans Street, near the Hobart waterfront next week as part of a groundwater testing program linked to the Macquarie Point development project.

The drilling program will explore the original bed of the Hobart Rivulet, which was filled in when the rivulet was diverted under the Cenotaph to an outflow near the Regatta Grounds in the early 1900s.

Four bore holes will be drilled in the Evans Street roadway to assess groundwater conditions in the area as part of ongoing environmental investigations to support remediation works.

Once drilling begins, there will be some disruption to traffic flow in Evans Street, but only for one week, on weekdays, beginning Wednesday, 11 November. Traffic control measures will be used to minimise inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians while still allowing them safe access to the street.

It is important for the corporation to clearly understand groundwater conditions as part of the remediation planning process. We also need to show there are no unacceptable risks posed to off-site areas by contaminants from the project site.

The drilling has been well-planned and will be carried out under a detailed work health and safety plan, which includes putting in place traffic control measures to allow continued access for residents and port vehicles in a safe and timely manner.

The corporation is holding face-to-face briefings for local residents and nearby neighbours to ensure they are fully informed of what the drilling program involves.

If you would like further information, please contact the corporation by calling +61 3 6166 4000 or emailing

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