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The Macquarie Point Story

‘… a very pretty Point of Land on the west side of Newtown Bay, which commands a most extensive fine prospect down the River to Hobart Town and which I have named Macquarie Point.’

Governor Lachlan Macquarie – 23 Nov 1811.

Macquarie Point is a site rich in history, and has played a significant role in the formation of Hobart’s landscape as we know it today. A brief chronological timeline is listed below.

For a brief summary of the site’s history refer to the current Information Sheet – History – Oct 2014.

For a detailed version of the history and background of Macquarie Point, please select this link.

June 2015-present

While the corporation continues extensive planning and remediation work, the community re-engages with the site as part of the Dark MOFO event ‘Dark Park’ and with the establishment of Red Square.

June 2015

Release of the Macquarie Point strategic framework and Master plan 2015-2030.

January 2015

New Brooke Street Pier officially opens. image credit: Roger Wong

August 2014

Release of 'A Shared Vision for the Redevelopment of Macquarie Point'.

June 2014

Relocation of TasRail's freight operations to the Brighton Transport Hub.

December 2013

Negotiations with proponents of the Brooke Street Pier development near completion.


Establishment of the Macquarie Point Development Corporation & Board.

Commencement of planning and development for the site. Corporation relocate to site office in July 2013.

Significant community and stakeholder consultation undertaken in latter part of year.


Federal Government grant of $50 million to support the remediation of the railyards site. Establishment of the Macquarie Point Development Corporation (Legislation November 2012).


Investigations begin to relocate the Royal Hobart Hospital to the railyards site. Cost of remediation and construction prove prohibitive within the existing economic climate.

Mid 1900s

Redevelopment of the Hobart Station terminus and erection of a new, large railways workshop.

Closure of Hobart gas works.

Last passenger train between Wynyard and Hobart (1978). Australian National Railways take over and rationalise station buildings, housing and sheds off-site.

Early 1900s

Closure of the Macquarie Point slaughter yards.

Tasmanian Government Railways major expansion with new goods shed, coal yards, roundhouse and turntable, and 7.2kms of rail on-site.

Construction of Domain Diversion Tunnel to redirect the course of the Hobart Rivulet.

Major reconstruction of the gas works plant and 6.5 acres reclaimed for oil storage.


Construction of seawall off Macquarie Point as part of further reclamation works.


Construction and opening of Tasmanian Main Line Railway.


Establishment of the Hobart Gas Company around the mouth of the Hobart Rivulet.

Construction of new slaughter yards on reclaimed land.


First land grants issued to Leonard Fosbrook and George Guest. Area becomes known as Fosbrook’s Point. Mainly used for cropping and farming.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie arrives and renames area Macquarie Point. Main uses include parade grounds, drill yard, orphan school, female convict accommodation, housing for veterans and government stockyard and slaughterhouse. Earmarked site for Government House.

Macquarie’s instructions set the course for future public ownership and development of the site.

Government acquisition of Macquarie Point stretching along the Derwent River to Government Farm (Cornelian Bay) and bordered by the Domain, the suburb of Glebe and the Hobart Railway Station.

Royal Engineers take over the relocated lumber yard and establish headquarters. Becomes main government works depot (blacksmith, carpentry and furniture production).

40,000 years+

Home to the Muwinina band of the South East Tribe, the area was known or referred to as Nibberloone or Linghe.



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