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A Shared Vision

The Shared Vision and Guiding Principles

A Shared Vision for the Redevelopment of Macquarie Point (shared vision) was the culmination of 18 months’ community consultation and stakeholder engagement by the corporation.

The shared vision was released in August 2014. It articulates shared aspirations for the site, gives a sense of what might be expected in the future and, importantly, supports our aim to position Macquarie Point as ‘a vibrant, liveable and sustainable place that optimises economic, social, environmental and aesthetic outcomes, complements its surrounds, enhances connectivity and offers a range of opportunities to live, work, invest and play’.

All future development on Macquarie Point is expected to create value (for investors and the people of Tasmania alike), promote innovative design and sustainability, and build a sense of place; not only for residents on the site, but also for those who work there and visit.

A fundamental outcome of our consultation was the adoption of these agreed principles for future development on the site. These principles have broad public support and reflect both site opportunities and community aspirations. The principles require that any development concepts for Macquarie Point:

  • involve a mix of uses
  • are people focused
  • promote inner city living
  • are well-connected to the broader Hobart environment
  • respect the site’s history
  • incorporate principles of sustainability
  • do not prejudice port activities
  • complement, and do not compete with, activity in the Central Business District (CBD) and areas of greater Hobart
  • leverage local competitive advantages to thereby deliver major socio-economic benefits to Hobart and Tasmania.

To read the full shared vision you can download the full document.


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