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How do I get access to information?

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How do I get access to information?

Before lodging an RTI application, prospective applicants are encouraged to directly seek access to information through mediums such as the corporation’s website, publications and reports such as the annual report. A direct approach is usually quicker and more effective to obtain information that is generally available. Some information is not released in this way, either because it is not of general public interest or because it is information the corporation would need to assess against the exemptions in the RTI Act prior to disclosure.

You may find information relating to the corporation in one of the following ways:


1. Direct from the corporation:

  1. Search the corporation’s website at
  2. Review our annual reports, which are available on our website or can be provided in hard copy by request
  3. Read the corporation’s other publications, including information sheets and media releases, which are available on our website or can be provided in hard copy by request
  4. Email your information request to the corporation using the ‘contact us’ button on our website
  5. Speak to a corporation representative by calling (03) 6233 5741


2. Through the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO):

  1. If the information is old, it may have been deposited with the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office. You can search the TAHO system at
  2. You can email your information request to TAHO on
  3. You can also peak to a TAHO representative by calling (03) 6233 7488
  4. If you are unable to find the information through one of the above direct means, please contact the corporation
  5. We will either provide it to you direct or, if possible, we will help you to find it. If the information is not freely available, we will assist you in making an application for assessed disclosure.



See where our office is on the Macquarie Point site, or contact our office directly.

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