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Sunday Tasmanian commentary

December 6, 2015

In his article entitled ‘Ground rules still up in the air’ in the Sunday Tasmanian on 6 December 2015, journalist Matt Smith pointed to an apparent conflict in views between the corporation’s CEO, Liz Jack, and the Minister for State Growth, Matthew Groom.

For the record, the views of the Macquarie Point Development Corporation and the Minister for State Growth are completely aligned. The two quotes from Ms Jack and Mr Groom related to slightly different questions.

The Macquarie Point Development Corporation stands by the masterplan—which has had significant public input. We will, indeed, require all developers’ bids to be in alignment with the masterplan; particularly in relation to its objectives, which include being people-focused; connecting with the CBD and the Queens Domain; not impacting on the working port; and complementing activity in the city, among others.

As has always been stated, the masterplan is not so prescriptive as to require developers to build only a hotel, for instance, on a site that might currently have a hotel depicted on it in the masterplan. This would be unacceptable to developers and would not align with what is stated in the masterplan or with what is in the Site Development Plan lodged with the Hobart City Council.

The corporation and the State Government are jointly committed to the development of Macquarie Point, our objectives are aligned and we are determined to continue to deliver on those stated objectives. One of those was calling for Expressions of Interest in December, which we have now done.



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